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  • Doctor in Physical Therapy

Utica university New York state, United States.

  • Physical therapy License PT37178

State of Florida, United States.

  • Massage therapy License MA92229

State of Florida, United State.

  • University Diploma Isokinetism 2016-2017

Lille 2 University of health and Law, France.

  • Sport Osteopathy Certification

Montpellier Faculty of Sports, France.

  • University Diploma Sport Physical therapy 2013-2014

Lille 2 University of health and Law, France.

  • Diploma in Osteopathy 2006-2011

French Higher Osteopathic Conservatory Paris, France.

  • Physical therapy degree 2003-2006

Physical therapy school Nancy, France.

  • Faculty of Medecine 2001-2003

Henri Poincare University Nancy, France.

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