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Here are some most frequent questions that patients ask. Let us know if you need more information by submitting the contact form.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not work directly with health insurance companies. But I can provide you a billing statement to submit to your provider.
  • Why don't you accept insurance?
    My goal is to provide the best, the most efficient care and excellent treatment for my patients, and not be driven by insurance companies. I provide one on-one personal care and private session without the help of Physical Therapist Assistants or Aides. I help most people in 3 to 5 sessions versus insuranced-based treatment plans of 12 to 20 sessions.
  • Do I need a referral from a physician?
    No, Patient are given direct access. The Florida State Law allows patients the right to receive treatment directly without medical doctor's referral for up to 30 days.
  • What is the difference between physical therapy and european osteopathy?
    The purposes of Physical therapy is to releave pain, to restore functional movement after injury or as prevention. Physical therapists can use several tools, such as manual therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. European osteopathy is manual therapy using craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and muskuloskeletal technics. The purpose of European osteopathy is to restore all the body motions (bones, joints, facias, organes). Both are focus on the cause of the issue and are complementary. When my patient asks me this question, I always use the example of ankle sprain injury. After an ankle sprain, you need European osteopathy session to adjust the posture, bones and tissus but you also need rehabilitation to stabilize the joints for optimal healing.
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